Standard ALL HAUNTS:

Our most popular ticket, includes entry into all haunts once

 All Haunts Pass
All Haunts Pass
Fri 6th Octfrom £17.99£24.99
Sat 7th Octfrom £17.99£26.99
Fri 13th Octfrom £17.99£28.99
Sat 14th Octfrom £17.99£30.00
Sun 15th Octfrom £17.99£24.99
Thu 19th Oct from £17.99£26.99
Fri 20th Octfrom £18.99£28.99
Sat 21st Octfrom £22.99£32.99
Sun 22nd Octfrom £19.99£26.99
Thu 26th Octfrom £20.99£28.99
Fri 27th Octfrom £22.99£32.99
Sat 28th Octfrom £24.99£34.99
Sun 29th Octfrom £22.99£30.99
Tue 31st Octfrom £22.99£28.99


Includes NO HAUNTS

 Chicken Ticket
Chicken Ticket
Fri 6th Oct£8.99£9.99
Sat 7th Oct£8.99£9.99
Fri 13th Oct£8.99£9.99
Sat 14th Oct£8.99£9.99
Sun 15th Oct£8.99£9.99
Thu 19th Oct £8.99£9.99
Fri 20th Oct£8.99£9.99
Sat 21st Oct£8.99£9.99
Sun 22nd Oct£8.99£9.99
Thu 26th Oct£8.99£9.99
Fri 27th Oct£8.99£9.99
Sat 28th Oct£8.99£9.99
Sun 29th Oct£8.99£9.99
Tue 31st Oct£8.99£9.99


This is an addition to your ALL HAUNT pass

 Fast Track
All Haunts
Fast Track
All Haunts
Fast Track
Single Haunt
Fri 6th Oct£30£36£8
Sat 7th Oct£30£36£8
Fri 13th Oct£30£36£8
Sat 14th Oct£30£36£8
Sun 15th Oct£30£36£8
Thu 19th Oct £30£36£8
Fri 20th Oct£30£36£8
Sat 21st Oct£30£36£8
Sun 22nd Oct£30£36£8
Thu 26th Oct£30£36£8
Fri 27th Oct£30£36£8
Sat 28th Oct£30£36£8
Sun 29th Oct£30£36£8
Tue 31st Oct£30£36£8


For those of you who don’t know when to get scared, choose a GHOST TICKET, can be used on any date*

 Ghost Ticket
Use Any Date£36.99

*This ticket will be offered if you cannot make your original order date (however we do not advise that you swap dates, Xtreme Scream Park is incredibly busy and we SELL OUT), the additional charge will debited accordingly.


Visit Xtreme Scream Park 2017 as many times as you like

 Ultimate Pass
Visit unlimited times**£99.99

**includes 1 x entry to all attractions on each visit ONLY. A photo of you will be taken on your fist visit and ID card presented. This card must be present for every visit, failure to do so will result in the full entry price being charged with no refund given. Lost your card? A replacement will need to be purchased at the entrance.

Group/Corporate bookings click here from £12.99pp

Select your date carefully, tickets to Xtreme Scream Park are event tickets, they cannot be swopped or transferred to another date. We operate a no refund policy. Please refer to FAQ’s for full T&C’s.


  • Some of the best scares that you will see all year round

    Michael Bolton | ScareTOUR Reviews