The Belko Experiment Review

The Belko Experiment

Have you ever had one of those days if you want to kill your boss or another coworker?! Or maybe your whole office in very creative graphic violent ways?!

The Belko Experiment – In the Colombian branch of American corporation Belko, it seems like just another day at the office. There’s some photocopying, some romance, some seething resentment, some secret pot smoking, some stapling – the usual. But there’s something strange going on with security. Who are all these new guards and why are they sending locals home? Before employees have time to fully investigate, they’re listening to a strange message via the company’s intercom, ordering them to kill one another in order to survive. As panic starts to set in, the building is sealed off and they’re forced to take part in a gruesome round of extreme redundancies.

There are few surprises here, which may be the biggest surprise of all. The second half, which doesn’t live up to the promise of the first and becomes a bludgeoning race to the finish line, will please some gore fans with its headshots and axes to the face. McLean handles the mayhem well, but it’s a film that is crying out for a little more flair. Save for inventive use of a Sellotape dispenser, it’s also fairly uninspired in its use of workplace weaponry, relying instead on a convenient arsenal of guns to mete out the murder. There’s no doubt which side of James Gunn wins out here, but you end up wishing the guy who made Guardians such a joy had showed up.

All in all the The Belko Experiment is a brutal, bloody battle royale that glides along nicely until a disappointing dip in the second half. Still, there are plenty of positive results from this experiment, especially for gore fans! 3/5 Stars!