Check out our FAQ’s below:

Q. Is Xtreme Scream Park Festival suitable for children?
A. No, Xtreme Scream Park is not reccomended for anyone under the age of 12, those aged 12 – 17 years require an adult over 18 per party.

Q. What Type of foot wear is suitable on the night?
A. Our attractions consist of different types of surfaces, therefore flat, comfortable shoes are strongly advised. (You may be refused entry into some attractions if you are wearing high heels)

Q. Are there refreshments and entertainmenet  on the night?
A. Yes, a selection of hot and cold food and drinks/bar will be available on the night. We will also have live music and bands and fire pits

Q. Are there toilet facilities on site?
A. Yes

Q. Do any of your attractions contain strobe lighting, smoke machines and loud noises?
A. Yes all of our mazes contain at least one of these elements, if you are sensitive to these conditions please do not enter

Q. Can I get a refund on my ticket if I don’t go in an attraction or loose my ticket, or change my mind?
A. No all tickets are non-refundable or transferable.

Q. Do your scare maze’s contain live actors?
A. Yes, all our Maze’s and attractions contain live actors, there will also be additional street theatre and roaming actors on the night. Please do not touch the actors. However they may touch you!

Q. Will the actors touch me during the experience?
A. The actors may touch you, please refrain from touching the actors. Anyone showing violent behavior towards any actor or member of staff will be ejected from the night.

Q. Are the attractions outside?
A. Yes, the event is outdoors, however, the 6 scare mazes are indoors. We do have undercover areas including The Hub and Cafes stage with live bands and fire pits!

Q. Will the attractions run if it rains or snows or the wind blows?
A. Yes – thats just a typical English day surely?

Q. What time does the event start?
A. First entry time is at 7pm, followed by 8pm. There are 2 different entry times please arrive prompt to your entry time purchased. You all get the same experience and do not have to leave any earlier regardless of entry time

Q. What time does the event finish.
A. Last admission to the event is at 9:00pm. Attractions will close at approx 11:00pm or later subject to demand.

Q. Do children need to be accompanied by an adult?
A. Visitors between ages 12 – 17 years do require an adult over 18 years. ID may be required at least 1 over 18 per party

Q. I am an expectant mother, can I go?
A. We strongly advise against entry into our attractions, their are tight spaces, uneven flooring and claustrophobic scenarios in which maybe distressing or cause harm to yourself and baby

Q. Do you have stairs inside the attractions?
A. Yes their are stairs in many attractions, the scream park also has uneven flooring and steps around the park. All attractions require person entering to be ambulant. 

Q. I have recently broken a limb and have a cast on or have recently had surgery 
A. We strongly advise against entry into our attractions on the basis that you could further impair or hurt yourself. 

Q. I have a neck and back injury 
A. Do not enter our attractions 

Q. I want to bring a large group 
A. 20 + paying people? No problem save up to 50% call us or visit the group bookings page 

Q. Help, I am running late
A. You may not have time to do all your attractions, we strongly advise getting here just before your allocated entry time 

Q. Is parking on site?
A. Yes we have ample FREE parking 

Q. How do I get to you?
A. Our SATNAV postcode is LE13 1SQ, please aim to stick to main roads, not surrounding country roads. New SATNAVS such as Google Maps please search ‘Twinlakes Park’ 

Q. Can I smoke?
A. Please refer to park guide for designated smoking area. You CANNOT smoke in queue lines or inside attractions or anywhere other than the smoking area 

Q. Fancy dress, can I dress up?
A. No, as not to confuse anyone with our actors 

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