In 1609 a prison was built like no other. It was specifically designed to house and rehabilitate the criminally insane in particular inmates with cannibal tendencies. The People of Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland had previously locked insane cannibal family members in secret attics and cellars to avoid public interference, they fed on the homeless community.

The local people became fearful as Cannibalism spread, the Duke and Duchess of Eaton convinced the Lord Major of Thrussington to remove these flesh thirsty individuals from towns and counties.  The Lord Major, whose family fed on human organs as part of an aristocratic diet was forced to build a unique Prison, and from this Ash Hell Penitentiary was built. Designed to house these primitive prisoners in comfort, Ash Hell was jointly managed between trusties and specially selected highly qualified guards.

The Duke of Whissendine was a highly respected judge and was a poetic cannibal, rarely indulged on human flesh, specializing more in human sacrifices. At the age of 35 he voluntarily admitted himself to Ash Hell Penitentiary and positioned himself as the Governor , due to his status in the community he was welcomed to this role and was trusted by all. His thirst for human flesh in the early years was controlled with new prisoners, the weak, ill or frail. As years went by the guards and trustees became curious of the Duke and other inmates and wanted to try human flesh. The Duke was still an influential body in the community and many innocent people were sentenced to Ash Hell on his authority, these were quickly “de-fleshed” by Ash-Hell inmates.

By 1610 cannibalism had become acceptable human behaviour inside Ash Hell Penitentiary, victims were bought from flesh markets and secretly smuggled in to feed the primitive inmates, the disposal of bones was a problem. The flesh eating Duke began extending his empire, burying the butchered human bones in the walls!

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