Curtain Chaos – The Final Curtain!

Curtain Chaos – The Final Curtain! Rolls back for one last time, one of our original attractions that is just fun and frightening from beginning to end, if you can find your way out! A one show wonder – clowns! The theme of this attraction is changed every year by the Twisted imaginations of Xtreme Scream design team, we hope this year you laugh your head off as Curtains Chaos faces its final curtain..

Entertainment at its finest, the best in the business, a show for everyone! Death or retirement either way you’ve had it, sick tears on faces of worn paint, crazy old clowns good for nothing but lion fodder. The red and white stripes will disappear along with the laughing faces and Zombie clowns with red noses. Join them in a mayhem of demolition chaos in their final performance. DEATH of Curtains Chaos, can you find your way out or will you stay there forever?

Please ensure you are committed to Xperiencing Xtreme Scream Park before purchasing tickets. This is an INTENSE experience and no refunds are given under any circumstances, especially to wimps/quitters! 

  • Warning: Strobe Lighting is in use within this area,
  • Xtreme Scream Park recommends all loose items such as cameras, mobile phones, coins ect. are removed before entering all our attractions.
  • Bags are not permitted inside this attraction
  • This attraction does include live actors.  Please do not touch the actors, however the actors may touch you!
  • Sensible footwear is strongly advised on all our attractions, no heels.
  • No photography or filming.
  • Strictly age 16+. Anyone between the age of 16 – 17 years must be accompanied by an adult age 18+
  • We do not recommend expectant mothers enter.
  • Follow all safety instructions listed at the entrance of all attractions.

Read our FAQ’s/Terms and Conditions of Entry before purchasing tickets! Click HERE to read.