AWARD WINNING  Twisted ‘Revenge of the Zombie Clowns’ – Voted Best Scream Park


Revenge of the Zombie Killer Clowns – One of our original attractions that is just fun and frightening from beginning to end, if you can find your way out! A simple yet effective maze with our friendliest monsters – yep you’ve got it – clowns! This attraction is changed every year by the Xtreme Scream design team, we hope this year you laugh your head off…

Revenge of the Zombie Clowns – Entertainment at its finest, the best in the business, a show for everyone! Clowns! Everyone loves CLOWNS! The Twisted Clowns packed their bags and headed on the road, travellers they would be, they would go where the people are, they would restore faith. The Clown would return! Deep in the bosom of Leicestershire they pitched, the red and white stripes came alive… Laughing laughing laughing… As night fell and light was lost they came, the undead were out to hunt and on flesh they would feed, Zombie breath surrounded the camp. The blind bodies of satan had not predicted the fearless red noses. The slaughtering began the clowns were no fools they laughed until daylight they had won a few bites here and there what would that matter? They would return to the safety of the big top in the heart of Melton Mowbray.

Where laughing was no more whitefaces and sick, vomit coated tongues grew with twisted insults, putrid breath, blacken teeth with belly laughs to slice you in half, their gnarled form loathing life, their diseased infested bodies had a new desire…..Human Blood Dare you enter? Your pain is now their pleasure a chaotic masterpiece of Zombie clowns, the finest around, the show of your lifetime, a one show wonder…

Roll up Roll up my lovelies come inside deeper deeper deeper… Now let’s Play, we promise not to bite, a lot!

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  • Warning: Strobe Lighting is in use within this area,
  • Xtreme Scream Park recommends all loose items such as cameras, mobile phones, coins ect. are removed before entering all our attractions.
  • Bags are not permitted inside this attraction
  • This attraction does include live actors.  Please do not touch the actors, however the actors may touch you!
  • Sensible footwear is strongly advised on all our attractions, no heels.
  • No photography or filming.
  • Strictly age 12+. Anyone between the age of 12 – 17 years must be accompanied by an adult age 18+
  • Not advised for pregnant women.
  • Follow all safety instructions listed at the entrance of all attractions.