Dare You Enter Our Scare Mazes


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We were a party of 2 adults and a 14 year old paying 87.50 and travelling around 70 miles. If you want an authentic, frightening, realistic night out with friends then you won’t be disappointed. The amount of effort gone into the props, actors, scenery and atmosphere is outstanding. To say there are 6 events to go through you need the 4 hrs avail to enjoy them. We did the pig factory first and looking back should’ve saved it til last as there was so much to see in there. You’re sent through each set in small groups and follow a set path through dark areas, built up walls, doors and gates etc. There’s lots to take in so try to walk through at your own pace and not feel pushed by people behind you otherwise you can miss the things in there that are easily forgotten in the moment. Though you can’t take photos inside the smells are enough to take you straight back inside, we can still smell the sets over 24hrs later.
All the staff are professionals and providing a thrilling experience, this place tops anywhere I’ve ever visited for quality fun.
The prices of the foods in the vans are way too expensive so make sure you eat before you go or share a meal to cut cost. The food in The Hub is much cheaper but shows for the price. The burgers aren’t too nice. My daughter has a sore throat from screaming at the scares. The clowns in the Unfair Funfair were spectacular and all the staff earn their wages.
I can’t wait to go again when able.
Thank you for a fantastic experience.

- April S

This event was suggested to us by some friends. It didn’t sound like my cup of tea as not a horror fan of any sorts. However, on reflection, so glad we went. There are 6 different scare buildings. All of them have their own different scenes. These sets must’ve taken a lot of time to set up and they have thought of everything. The actors were great. Some rooms could perhaps have done with more actors. I would suggest smaller groups are better for the experience or separate if you’re a bigger group as otherwise you will spoil what’s ahead. Food on site is pricey (to be expected with these kinds of events) but I think the ticket is worth the price. The ques can be quite long and I think you need to make the most of all the time available from when it opens to close to get around all of them. Overall, it was really good and would recommend. Pie Factory was our personal favourite!

- Tom S

Haven’t been to anything like this but decided on this after much research. Really happy with the evening – certainly not cheap at ~£62 pp fast track but it was so worth it. The 6 haunts are all awesome, funfair is very cool, cute rides, freak show was good fun, actors wandering are fab, and the detail is amazing. I liked the penitentiary the most, others liked open acres most. Voodoo had an awesome idea behind it too. The intermittent strobe lighting was my fave for the totally disorienting effect. Got some great scares in. Queues looked super long so skipping straight to the front was so worth it (especially since all outdoors queueing)! We arrived at 7.45pm and left at close to 11pm, so you’d probably need every second without fast track. Pricey food and drinks but tasty. Bit muddy around too, so wear good shoes.

- inazumarina

Well what can we say. It was absolutely brilliant. The amount of work which must go into these mazes is crazy! All the attractions was fantastic. Was unsure about having a bag on my head but it was certainly an experience I didn’t think I would ever experience! Will definitely be coming back next year! Don’t think I have ever ran so fast from some of the actors which again was great!

- Jamie Wade G

Our 3rd visit didn’t disappoint. I’ve been to a number of scare attractions and this one is by far the best value for money. The attractions are excellent, really well themed and put together, we never queued more than about 15 minutes. Overall an excellent night.

- Toni S

An absolutely amazing time! The stage show with the fire eating and sword ladder was especially entrancing!
A great way to balance with the mazes. Definitely want to go again, maybe with a spare pair of pants next time!

- Rob Zombie