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Multi-Award Winning Scream Park on hunt for wannabe scare actors says “Working with us is a better than a session at the gym” here’s 13 reason’s why…

RECRUITING Xtreme Scream Park is a multi-award winning scream park based at Twinlakes Park, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. They say they are the BEST in the UK having beaten other attractions such as Thorpe Park and Alton Towers at recent ScareCon awards!

Phil Bendall, Director commented “Having won ‘Best Scream Park and Best Halloween Attraction’ we are looking at increasing our Scare Team for the 2018 season. Scare actors are the beating heart of the attractions, they take our sets and nightmares and bring them to life. We are the friendliest group in the scare industry, we have an amazing time throughout the build up to Halloween not just during the main season. The majority of our team are not experienced actors they are just like you and I, many have a day job and they want to have fun making people jump! It is a big adrenaline boost. We have a great laugh and everyone is trained before going into any of the attractions so we can work with various levels of confidence. Being a scare actor is astonishingly great exercise. Forget the gym session this Halloween, come and join our team for the ultimate work out, we promise not to bite!”

Xtreme Scream Park boasts having the biggest and longest scare mazes in the UK. They are the most hands on team in the business, dedicated, creative and filled with passion and drive. The team are very excited about 2018 having won the award for ‘Best Scream Park’ and ‘Best Halloween Attraction’ at the ScareCon awards in 2016 and 2018 respectively. Xtreme Scream Park has 6 world class scare attractions and promises that those that join their team will have the time of their life! Here’s 13 reason’s why you should work at Xtreme Scream park this Halloween…

1. Get paid to have fun!

Ok so we all love our day jobs, right? But this is a different level of fun and your bank balance changes for the better over the Halloween season. Plus it looks great on your CV, it really does give you something to talk about in job interviews!

2. You become part of a very dysfunctional family

Whether you’re an aspiring actor, a horror fanatic, or anything in between, everyone has one goal in mind… to scare the crap out of guests! That is something you and your fellow scare actors will quickly bond over, making friends for life.

3. You become famous – everyone loves you!

Friends, family and even your fans will follow you and want photos with you and talk about how great you are! Some people even come back year after year just to see your character!

4. Pump up the adrenaline!

Get paid to let off that steam, is there a better way to unleash your built up tension and wrath than by screaming? Even better, screaming at someone! Stomp, growl, grunt, yell you can do it all.

5. The best selfies ever!

The opportunities to take photos of yourself and fellow scare actors is endless. There is nothing like sending your grandma a picture of you as a zombie!

6. You get to dress up, play up and wear a mask and make-up

There’s nothing like having a personal stylist; whether you are dressing up and having your hair/makeup done for a special occasion or transforming for a scare attraction. You are made to look your best and each and opportunity to be someone else! everyone is different and personal, you get the exercise employees to frighten others

7. Being a scare actor is surprisingly good

It’s better than a gym work out, think about how many calories you’ll be burning, you’ll be breaking a sweat on even the coldest of nights. It’s mega high energy!

8. What other job encourages

You are actually encouraged to scare people, make them jump, laugh at them and no apology required (where do we sign up?)

9. Conquer your fears

Working in a haunted attraction will allow you to see the in’s and out’s of how scares are created. You get to see what everything looks like with the lights on and more importantly, you get to see who’s under those masks.

10. Because who doesn’t like some gory scenery?

Forget the boring office environment it’s blood, guts and gore here! It’s like working on a real life horror movie set and you are part of the film.

11. Guests reactions are priceless

It is absolutely brilliant when you get a customer and you see their face, some guests reactions are brilliant, its hard not to laugh out loud. You can share your stories with your scare family at the end of the night.

12. Being a monster, ghost or demon is so cool

Why is it so cool being one? Because we know next to nothing about them!

13. Freaky is fun

And who doesn’t like being attacked by a ghost? You will have the best time of your life whilst making customers have the worst time of their life. It’s an evening of fun and fright after all!


All our roles are paid positions and come with complimentary meals on working evenings, tickets to the event and a branded hoodie. For more information please email the Xtreme Scream Park recruitment team on – All applicants will be invited to auditions and regular training days/evenings on the run up to the event in September and October. We also have socials throughout the year which you will be invited along too.


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